Merging heterogeneous information

Merging microarray data with public bio-informatic information

The mass of information on the biological and chemical data accessible via the Internet is huge. This information can be used to enrich the experimental results.

microarray data

The example shows the results of a microarray kinome complemented by public data. Microarray data are presented on the left. The user selects a gene (MAP4K3 and MAP3K1) and public data appear in the right window to cross the user information with public information.

Access to biomedical information in public databases

Public information of the selected genes are automatically retrieved from several public knowledge bases:

Similarly, the interactome MAP4K3 is displayed in the right window and each gene in the interactome is selected from the microarray data.

This information is integrated into the GUI of the software for optimal interactivity.

This strategy allows the user to have a maximum of elements and better interpretation of the experimental results

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