The AI-powered histology quantification software

The easy-to-use software for digital pathology to accelerate your discovery of new biomarkers !

Run, detect, 

and quantify !

Let yourself be guided by our 4-step interface

that allows you to analyze your samples

quickly and visualize your results


Detection of tumor areas using deep learning models

To equip researchers and physicians in meeting the challenges of personalized medicine,

we have developed an AI-powered histological image analysis software,

providing a way to accelerate the discovery of new biomarkers. “

Why choose HistoMetriX ?


Analyze multiple slides and quickly visualize the results

Easy to use

A software that requires no technical skills, featuring a guided interface and compatible with various slide scanners


A software that adapts to various fields of research & industry (tissue & cellular structures, wide range of measurement & analyses, ...)


No cloud. As a result, no images or data leave your laboratory for optimal data security

Our customer support

At QuantaCell, our clients are partners, and we are committed to supporting them in their adoption of HistoMetrix


Epidermis and nuclei detection with deeplearning model

Join the growing community of researchers

who have harnessed the power of HistoMetriX to advance their histology analysis

HistoMetriX: the histology and histopathology software to simplify your tissue analysis

Once your histological slides have been digitized, you will be able to:

• Detect nuclei, cells, and tissue structures,

• Perform morphometric and spatial biology analyses,

Count cells and/or identify specific cell types,

• Analyze TMAs (Tissue MicroArrays),

• Conduct colocalization and multiplex analyses,


Train your Deep Learning models,

Visualize your results in-depth with image-linked graphs,


• Run a ready-to-use analysis pipeline to obtain your results even faster.

Example of applications

Investigate the efficacy of a new drug by quantifying changes in tissue morphology and cell behavior before and after treatment.
Validate potential biomarkers by analyzing their expression patterns in histology samples and correlating them with clinical data.
Study the progression of disease by measuring and comparing key histological parameters in different stages.
Analyze tissue microarrays to identify associations between specific tissue structures and patient outcomes.
Merge information from histology slides and fluorescence imaging to gain a comprehensive understanding of cellular interactions.

Detection of nuclei

Detection of nuclei with dim staining (low signal)

Detection of nuclei with dim staining (low signal)

Nuclei detection in rat brain with fluorescence staining (DAPI)

Detection of tissue

Detection of epidermis under various brightfield stainings with one deep learning model

Detection of tumor areas

Cell classification

Nuclei detection and classification (red and green), DAB segmentation (blue)

Classification of nuclei in epidermis (green) and dermis (red)

Visualization and exploration of results

Visualization of the results on a ROI

Visualization of the results on a detected object

Simplify Histology Analysis with HistoMetriX

Easily develop your analysis method using deep learning and visualize your results instantly !
Rapidly become operational. No lengthy training needed.

Welcome to HistoMetriX, the advanced histology analysis software designed to simplify image processing and analysis for biologists and pathologists. Powered by the most advanced deep learning technology, HistoMetriX allows you to effortlessly uncover valuable insights and visualize results without the need for extensive technical expertise. You can easily navigate through complex datasets, detect and analyze tissue structures, and extract meaningful information with just a few clicks.

Benefit from affordable pricing plans, no need for expensive hardware or costly training programs. HistoMetriX streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and provides efficient analysis tools, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.

Let’s explore together the key features that make HistoMetriX the ultimate solution for histology analysis. Research use only.

The strengths of HistoMetriX


Real-time Visualization

Instantly visualize analysis results directly on the histology images. HistoMetriX empowers you to understand and interpret the analyzed structures in real-time, facilitating efficient decision-making and insightful discoveries.

Batch Analysis

Save time and enhance productivity with HistoMetriX’s batch analysis capabilities. Process multiple slides simultaneously, automating the analysis process and streamlining your workflow.


Comprehensive Measurements

HistoMetriX offers a wide range of measurements and analysis options, enabling you to compute various quantitative parameters such as cell counts, area measurements, staining intensity, and more. Get detailed and accurate results to support your research.

Versatile Applications

HistoMetriX is a versatile solution for various histology analysis tasks. It supports the detection and measurement of different tissue structures (tumors, macrophages, glomeruli, …), enables the analysis of tissue microarrays, facilitates biomarker validation, and allows seamless integration of information from multiple levels of analysis.

Easy to use

Guided Interface

HistoMetriX offers a user-friendly interface that guides you through your workflow, from object definition to result visualization. Easily train deep learning models to detect your objects of interest and launch analyses specific to your research questions.

Accessible to All Users

Designed for intuitive use, HistoMetriX is accessible to biologists and pathologists of all technical expertise levels. You don’t need an expensive or high-end computer to run the software, as it is compatible with standard Windows configurations.

Compatibility with Major File Formats

HistoMetriX seamlessly integrates with major imaging file formats (brightfield and fluorescence). Whether you’re working with H&E-stained samples or fluorescent samples, HistoMetriX supports a wide range of formats, ensuring compatibility with your existing laboratory setup.

Our customer support

At QuantaCell, we view our clients as partners and are fully committed to providing them with comprehensive support for the seamless integration and effective utilization of our tools.

Data security

HistoMetriX is a standalone software that does not communicate with a Cloud. As a result, no images or data leave your laboratory, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

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