QuantaCell is selected as oncology platform by SIRIC BRIO

oncologie siric brio oncology

SIRIC – BRIO promotes QuantaCell for its cutting-edge technologies and know-how capable of supporting translational research projects in Oncology. QuantaCell is proud of this decision.

QuantaCell provides services to R&D labs involved in new anticancer therapies. QuantaCell proposes dedicated image processing solutionS dedicated for oncology like cell cultures in 2D (end points and dynamics) as well as 3D, histological slides and TMA (Tissues Micro Array). as an example for anti-angiogenic approaches QuantaCell proposes to track 2D cell culture during the formation of neo-vascularization and to analyze their morphometry (length, shape, cell count per vessel). QuantaCell have available solutions to detect automatically tumor neo-vascularization on histological slides with a good reproducibility.

SIRIC is the “Sites de Recherche Intégrée sur le Cancer”. Their ambition is to offer new operational resources to oncology research, to optimise and accelerate the production of knowledge and to favor its dissemination and application in cancer management.

BRIO is the Bordeaux Recherche Integrated in Oncology. 


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