Detection of tissue structures

Automatic recognition of tissues and their structures

Tissue analysis needs a stage of segmentation which consists in separating the various tissular structures. In the following example, a segmentation is applied to small intestine section. The original image is separated in 3 classes. The white class represents the area of low cellular density, the area in dark gray corresponds to the villosities and area in light gray corresponds to the connective tissue.

tissue structure

Cellular analysis in specific tissues

Once tissue structures were correctly defined, cells are individually segmented. The color of the outlines of every cell (cytoplasm in dark and nuclei in light) determines its class

structures tissulaires

Quantitative parameters obtained by crossing of cellular and tissular information 

This quantification allows to :

  • Measure the quantity of connective tissue and the villosities
  • Count cell number in every tissue structure
  • Mesure cell morphology
  • Mesure villosity morphologies
  • Mesure biomarker intensities in different tissue structures

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