Study of the directionality of axon growth

Automatic detection of the growth of axons in microscopy of fluorescence

An explant of the medulla is cultivated in the presence of a chemical attractor. Directionality of the axon growth is studied. In the following illustration, the explant is labeled in GFP alpha-tubulin. Axons outside of the explant are automatically detected. Their direction is represented in the rose diagram, showing the influence of the chemical attractor, in a statistical, reproducible and unbiased manner.

pousse axonale axon growth

Credit : Séverine Marcos and Evelyne Bloch-Gallego (Institut Cochin, Paris, France). 


Tubulin Tyrosination Is Required for the Proper Organization and Pathfinding of the Growth Cone.  Séverine Marcos, Julie Moreau, Stéphanie Backer, Didier Job, Annie Andrieux, Evelyne Bloch-Gallego, PLoS ONE 4, 4 (2009) e5405.

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