Improving biomedical imaging with innovative

algorithms and deep learning

QuantaCell is a leading provider of data analysis and software development services for the biomedical imaging field. With a focus on helping biologists better understand their results and accelerate their research, we specialize in developing cutting-edge algorithms that integrate deep learning and statistics. Our expertise and technology have been trusted by top pharmaceutical companies and hospitals around the world, making us a go-to partner for those seeking to advance their biomedical research. At QuantaCell, we’re passionate about transforming data into actionable insights and driving progress in the field of biomedicine.

Based at the St Eloi Hospital in Montpellier (France), we are at the heart of bio-medical questions and aware of clincal research units needs.

QuantaCell products


Histometrix is an abordable and user-friendly histological analysis software, leveraging the power of AI to provide researchers and pathologists with a simple yet effective tool for analyzing tissue samples with ease and accuracy.


AssayScope: Advanced software for 3D organoid high-content screening, seamlessly linking statistical analysis with original images via impressive 3D rendering.


QuantaFiber: A robust software for detecting and analyzing fibers, lines, and curves in biomedical images, offering valuable statistical insights.

QuantaCell services


Services of analysis and characterization

  • Image analysis in patients studies
  • Characterization of drug/compounds effects
  • Automatic detection of rare events


Software development for biomedical imaging

  • Customized software solutions with ergonomics UIX
  • Artificial intelligence for automatic analysis
  • Industrialization of analyses in laboratories

New services for histology analysis

QuantaCell proposes a simple offer to analyse automatically the histological slides for cell counting, protein expression, tissue structure detection and TMA (tissue micro array) analyse.  See more

New service of deep learning software development

QuantaCell is a leader in deep learning algorithm development. Our experts use the latest AI technology to provide customized solutions for your needs. See more

Our application domains


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