QuantaCell team members

The QuantaCell team consists of Victor Racine, Didier Bertoldi, David Combes and Jocelyne Gau. It is supported by a network of external consultants

Victor Racine has a Ph.D. in Biology and Computer Engineering

  • Skills:
    • Image and data processing for cell biology
    • Microscopy (confocal, PALM, FRAP/PA, videoµ)
    • Designs IT solutions for biological problems
    • Discussion partner for biologists and physicians
  • Professional experience :
    • D. in biological and tissue imaging at the Curie Institute (Paris, FR)
    • Post-doctoral research on high content screening and quantitative histology at the A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) (Singapore)
    • 27 international publications (Nature, Nature CB, PNAS, …) (see the list at LinkedIn)
    • One software (MIA) used by 50 teams around the world
    • Created a quantitative imaging team dedicated to the development of image and data analysis software for screening (Singapore)
    • Participation in the development of two histological analysis softwares (Singapore)
    • Experience in two French CRO’s (5 years)

Didier Bertoldi has a Ph.D. in Biology and a master in innovation managment

  • Skills:
    • Biological and medical imaging
    • Data analysis
    • Discussion partner for biologists and physicians
  • Professional experience :
    • PhD in medical imaging
    • Master of innovation management from EM Lyon
    • Experience in CRO’s and technology transfer institutions

Jocelyne Gau has a Ph.D. in Biophysics

  • Skills:
    • Quantification of biological phenomena by using physical methods
    • Cell culture, labelling biological samples, automation of microscopes
    • Project management, training and communication
  • Professional experience:
    • D. in physics imaging at Génopole (Evry, FR)
    • Post-doctoral research in cell and optical physico-chemistry at the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) (Singapore)

David Combes has a M.S. of Computer Sciences

  • Programming: Java, C / C ++, CUDA, .NET, SQL
  • Database expert
  • Visualization and Web interfaces
  • Scientific software programming
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